• Composition:                                    2% Cyromazine
  • Formulation Type:                          Soluble Granules
  • Packaging:                                        5 kg / bucket
  • Country of Origin:                           Switzerland
  • Manufacturer:                                  Hokochemie GmbH
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Hokoex is a larvicide against fly larvae only. Hokoex contains cyromazine which is an insect growth hormone interrupter specific to flies. The product must be apply directly onto manure or any organic matter here flies lay their eggs. Hokoex does not have any effect on adult flies. Adult flies should be treated with an appropriate insecticide when necessary. Hokoex can be used for manure originating from any animal as well as any other organic material. Neither this product nor the active ingredient contained therein is known to have any adverse effect on any predator naturally present in organic matter where flies breed.