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One of the pioneer companies in U.A.E. to bring high quality and cost-effective agricultural and pest control products in the country to cater the increasing demand since 1980s.

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Pesticides, Fertilizers, Traps, Pheromones & Adjusvants.

  • Lenol 700
  • Biopren 4 GR

Lenol 700

LENOL 700 It is a non-ionic surfactant, multipurpose, with acidifying, penetrating and translocation action whose use increases the effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and growth regulators.

Biopren 4 GR

BIOPREN® 4 GR is a ready-to-use mosquito larvicide. It contains insect growth regulator in free and slow release form on carrier for use in open water or where water is obscure by vegetation.

What We Offer 


Our range of fertilizers are composed of active components that help the crops development, control emerging diseases and improve soil conditions.


We have range of fertilizers and fungicide products for your ornamental plants and turfs enhancement as well as treatments for pests and diseases that can compromise the appearance of golf course fairways and landscaping.


Our range of pest control products are specialized to instantly control and eliminate different types of pests, crawling and flying insects.

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