• Composition:                     850 g/l Emulsifiable Botanical Oils
  • Inert ingredient:               Up to 100% (W/V)
  • Packaging:                           6 x 1 Liter / carton
  • Country of Origin:            Australia
  • Manufacturer:                  Organic Crop Protectants Pty Ltd
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Eco-oil is Australia’s first botanical oil based organic miticide/insecticide made from 100% Australian-grown oils. Eco-oil controls a broad range of insects and because eco-oil uses light botanical oils that boil off plant surfaces fast, there is less risk of burning foliage with eco-oil than with white oil and other mineral/petroleum oil sprays.

Target Pests:

Two-spotted mites, Greenhouse whitefly, Red spider, Dust mite, Citrus leaf miner


Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Capsicums, Strawberries, Ornamental Plants, Vegetables, Palm Trees & Citrus

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